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Reasons a Patent May Be Denied

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) receives more than 600,000 patent applications each year and grants close to 350,000 patents. However, the approved applications aren’t all from the same year of submission because an application can take more than a year or two to make its way through the process.

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Common Misconceptions About Patents

Florida is frequently among the top ten states in the country for the number of patents awarded, but not everyone fully understands what it means to hold a patent or what rights and responsibilities accompany it—even patent holders themselves. In 2020, there were 167 patents granted in Jacksonville, Florida alone, and each of these inventors needs to be aware of the patent process and how to protect their property after the patent has been awarded.

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Why It’s Important to Have a Patent Portfolio Review

Patents are intellectual property (IP) tools used by individuals and businesses to protect their original works, inventions, processes, and ideas.

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What Qualifies as a Trade Secret?

Trade secrets are vital intellectual property used in a company's operations that are kept confidential. These trade secrets — which can include techniques, methods, patterns, programs, devices, and processes — give the business an economic advantage over its competitors.

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Trademarks vs. Patents vs. Copyrights

In our contemporary world, protecting your intellectual property is more important than ever. It’s essential you know how to secure your creative work and inventions, and an experienced intellectual property attorney can help you do that.

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What To Do If You Suspect a Patent Infringement

Patent infringement lawsuits are not uncommon. In 2021, chip manufacturing giant Intel was ordered to pay $2.18 billion to VLSI Technology for infringing on eight of that company’s patents. The jury verdict is on appeal by Intel.

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