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Patent Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

In the U.S., a patent is granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for any inventions that meet a set of strict criteria. Patents are used to protect the inventor’s innovation by prohibiting others from developing and/or utilizing the design for their own benefit without authorization. Patents are enforceable for a set period of time and were designed to protect the intellectual property of innovators.

I, Attorney Mitchell Ghaneie, help inventors safeguard their intellectual property by effectively securing patent protection. From initial filing, post-grant proceedings, to infringement, my team of experienced professionals are available now to help guide you every step of the way.

Patent Prosecution

Protecting your invention takes proactive and strategic planning to make it through the USPTO’s patent application process. Without all of the necessary data, you may still be able to get a patent, but it may be lacking in the full authority needed to offer any real protection. That’s where an experienced professional can help. I take pride in developing comprehensive patent applications. My objective with each patent application is to achieve the best level of protection possible.

When it comes to my patent prosecution process, I strive to not only understand the intricacies of the particular technology seeking patent protection, but also the goals and vision of my clients.

Patent Infringement

I, Attorney Mitchell Ghaneie, am dedicated to helping you protect your ideas. When another entity infringes on your patent, I have the experience to help you enforce your patent rights to their fullest extent.

Many clients have the idea that a patent alone is enough to protect against infringement, but within the competitive markets, infringement is an all-too-common occurrence. If you believe your patent rights have been infringed or alternatively are looking to avoid infringement, I can help you navigate your options.

Patent Post-Grant Proceedings

I, Attorney Mitchell Ghaneie, have unique experience when it comes to providing post-grant review representation for clients. Such proceedings occur before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and are undertaken to review the patentability of a particular patent.

My specialized knowledge in the many facets of patent law, as well as the processes utilized by the PTAB, allows my ability to represent both patent owners and challengers in what can be highly technical disputes.

Protect Your Invention

What Inventors Need to Know About Patents

The American Inventors Protection Act (AIPA) describes that any person or business who invents new and useful processes, machines, manufacturing, or compositions can seek patent protection. It also applies to new and useful improvements to those items falling within these categories.

The important words here are “novel” and “useful”. Useful implies that the invention has a degree of operability in order to qualify. Novel means the subject matter is can’t have been previously patented or otherwise already publicly available. There are many nuances here that I use to help guide my clients to favorable outcomes.

Additionally, patents do not apply to laws of nature, abstract ideas, or what are termed “mere suggestions”. This means with a new idea, a complete and accurate description for the actual invention will be needed in order to apply for patent protection.

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