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Your company's ability to have exclusive use of its intellectual property is essential in securing a competitive advantage in its respective marketplace. Ghaneie Law specializes in professional intellectual property services that provide added value and protection.  In working closely with our clients throughout the entire process, Ghaneie Law develops targeted strategies that are best suited for protecting their ideas.

Whether your company is interested in exploring protection for inventions, brand names, logos or other creative works Ghaneie Law has the experience and expertise to assist you in navigating the complexities of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret laws.  Contact us to get started.

Patent Protection – St. Augustine, FL


Protect your invention or idea with a patent. Our office can help with filing provisional patent applications, prosecuting non-provisional utility and design patents, as well as enforcing patent rights. We also assist with submitting patent maintenance fees.

Trademark Law Services - St. Augustine, FL


Protect your brand name and logo by registering a federal trademark.  If another entity has already filed for your trademark, we may be able to assist you in registering your mark through an Opposition Proceeding or Cancellation Proceeding.

Copyright Protection - St. Augustine, FL


Copyrights are useful for protecting creative works such as songs, books, blogs, articles, websites, photographs, paintings or movies.  All federal copyright applications are filed and registered with the Library of Congress.                  

Domain Disputes - St. Augustine, FL

Domain Disputes

Protect your online presence by disputing the ownership of a domain name through UDRP.  We can assist in securing your domain when the name has been registered as a trademark and the domain has been taken in bad faith.


Ghaneie Law is committed to bringing your ideas to life and ensuring they are afforded the protection they deserve. Our practice is value-driven and based on four cornerstones: integrity, value, accessibility, and communication. We incorporate these cornerstones into our practice because we believe they are imperative to providing an exceptional client experience. Whether your business needs a patent, trademark, copyright, or licensing agreement our office will work diligently to ensure the process is completed swiftly and efficiently.

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