Protect Your Intellectual Property

With the Help of a Seasoned Attorney

Practice Areas


Protect your brand by registering a federal trademark. If someone has already filed for your trademark, we may be able to assist you in an opposition or cancellation Proceeding.


Protect your invention or idea with a patent. Our office can help with filing provisional patent applications and prosecuting non-provisional utility and design patents.


Copyrights protect creative works like songs, books, blogs, articles, websites, photographs, paintings or movies. All federal copyrights are registered with the Library of Congress.

Domain Name Disputes

Protect your online presence through UDRP. We can assist in securing your domain when the name has been registered as a trademark and the domain has been taken in bad faith.

Estate planning

You can protect your assets in the future by creating a will or trust today. These can encompass and protect every item and aspect of your estate that you wish to plan for.